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Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4


Located in the Town of Redwater, Ochre Park School serves students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4. In addition to excellent academic programming, the school offers a range of programs to meet student needs.


Learning situations and assessments are set up using a variety of tools and approaches to support different learning styles. Technology is used extensively and great focus is put on strong reading skills and literacy.

Parents and the community are regularly involved in the learning process. We teach students to become valued citizens who are creative, critical thinkers and life-long learners. True to our motto of “Learning Together,” parents, staff, students and the community are partners who learn and work together along the road to success.

We are very proud of our relationship with the senior citizens of Redwater. In fact, the school recently received national recognition and an award for its Generations United Seniors Project.






Jenaia Gringras

Vice Principal: Lori Moores


Janine Pequin


Learning Together


  1. Ochre Park School students will have access to high quality learning opportunities.
  2. Ochre Park School will provide for a safe and caring learning environment.
  3. Ochre Park School works effectively with parents, community members and other agencies to improve student learning.
  4. Ochre Park School prioritizes literacy and numeracy that empowers students with essential skills for academic achievement and lifelong learning.
  5. Ochre Park School will foster the holistic development of each child, ensuring progress in academic and social emotional performance as they grow.


At Ochre Park, we believe our students are valued citizens who are creative, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

We also believe that learning is a lifelong process where we learn from ourselves and each other, living our motto, learning together.

We tailor programming to meet the unique needs of each students to ensure success and happiness.

At Ochre Park School, we welcome the community to enrich the learning journey of our students. Volunteers play a crucial role in our program and we greatly value their expertise.

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