Generations United

The Generations United Program is a heartwarming initiative that creates meaningful connections between the young and older generations in our community. It offers a unique opportunity for the children of Redwater to forge lasting relationships with some of our senior citizens, enriching both their lives and the community as a whole.

This program serves as a bridge across generations, where the exchange of wisdom, experiences, and knowledge is a cherished tradition. It's a beautiful sight to witness the joy that lights up the faces of all those involved.

This intergenerational program not only provides our students with the chance to connect with our senior citizens but also celebrates the familial ties that exist within our community. Many of the senior participants are proud grandparents and great-grandparents to our students and staff, which makes these interactions even more special.

Through the Generations United Program, we foster a sense of unity and shared history within Redwater, reinforcing the importance of community and intergenerational relationships. It's an experience that not only impacts our students' education but also enriches their lives.

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