Nature-Based Learning

Students at Ochre Park School have the opportunity to explore and learn from the land. Students have access to natural play areas, a large school garden, and an outdoor work area, as well as access to multiple outdoor learning opportunities throughout the school year.

Natural Play Areas for Creative Exploration:

Our school includes natural play areas that foster creativity and physical activity. These spaces are not just for play; they're for learning, social interaction, and a deep appreciation of the outdoors. Students have the opportunity to connect with nature, engage in imaginative play, and develop important skills.

An Educational School Garden:

We're proud of our expansive school garden, which serves as a living classroom. Students actively participate in planting, caring for, and harvesting a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. This experience teaches them about life cycles, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating habits.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities Year-Round: Learning is not limited to indoor spaces. Our students have access to a range of outdoor learning experiences throughout the school year. These include observing seasonal changes, conducting science experiments in a natural setting, and exploring local ecosystems through nature hikes.

At Ochre Park School, we create an environment where students are inspired to learn, appreciate their surroundings, and develop a strong connection to the world.

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